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CDs and samples

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Slant (about)

  1. Slant Quartet
  2. Luis
  3. Cycling
  4. Credit Roll

Lord Of The Flies (about)



The soundtrack is available for download on iTunes.

Dorian Gray (about)

  1. White Box Art Gallery
  2. The Science of Beauty
  3. Celebrity
  4. White Club
  5. Evil Twin
  6. Final Shoot
  7. Immortal

 Play Without Words (about)

  1. Speight
  2. Fireplace Duet
  3. Gentleman's Gentleman
  4. Alone Together
  5. Tap Duet

Edward Scissorhands (about)

  1. Creating a Boy
  2. Edward Explores
  3. Edward Meets the World
  4. Gossip
  5. Mad Mambo
  6. Meet the Boggs

The Car Man (about)

  1. Rita and Angelo
  2. Heat
  3. Hallucination


  1. Sanctus (Luther)
  2. Orsino (Twelfth Night)
  3. Living World
  4. Bus (Gone For a Dance - Film)
  5. The Court (A Midsummer Night's Dream - Theatre)
  6. Summer Splendour
  7. Melisma
  8. Eastwood (The Daughter-In-Law)
  9. Millie (The Daughter-In-Law)


   title label number About :-
Another Year & Happy-Go-Lucky Varese Sarabande VSD7098
Edward Scissorhands Purchase online CAST CD96 Samples
  Play Without Words Purchase online TDMRCD2 Samples
  The Car Man Purchase online TDMRCD1 Samples
Dorian Gray Purchase online TDMRCD3
Brideshead Revisited Chandos CHAN10499
  Friends and Crocodiles Demon Soundtracks DMGST001 About
  Gideon's Daughter Demon Soundtracks DMGST001 About
  The Lost Prince BBC WMSF6069 About
  Shackleton 4 Music C4M000172 About
  Lawless Heart Pacific Time Entertainment PTE8538 About
  Perfect Strangers BBC WMSF6051 About
  (includes music from Shooting the Past)
  A Midsummer Night's Dream Polygram About
  All the King's Men BBC WMSF6017 About
  Lady in the Dark Jay Productions CDTER1244 About
  Perdita Durango Milan 74321 54116 About
  Cousin Bette RCA Victor 09026 63168 About
  Guys and Dolls Music for Pleasure CDMFP5978 About

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