Edward Scissorhands

Devised by Matthew Bourne

Edward Scissorhands 1

Edward Scissorhands 2Played at Theatre Royal, Plymouth 14th - 19th November 2005
Sadler's Wells Theatre, London 21st November - 28th January 2006
Followed by a UK and international tour.

New York Drama Desk Award: Unique Theatrical Experience

Manchester Evening News Award: Best New Dance Production

“Demolishing conventions, bestriding art forms from ballet to musical comedy to film, Bourne's work isn't just high-brow or low-brow.  It's all-brow....  Composer Terry Davies has expanded Danny Elfman's original themes into a full, luscious score.”  Time Magazine

“From the beginning the Matthew Bourne - Tim Burton chemistry is fizzing.... a cracking piece of theatre.”  The Guardian

“The entire ensemble takes its cues from Terry Daviesís score, a sparkling mélange of lounge-friendly instrumentals including some of Danny Elfman's original film music. Played live by members of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia under Timothy Henty's baton, it sounds wonderful” The Times

“Terry Davies' score is also a plus: he's taken Danny Elfman's soaring synth motifs and stitched them into a continuum by adding new material and re-orchestrating the whole. You can't spot the joins.” Independent on Sunday

“It’s a little bit panto (everything bold and underlined, with a knowing glint in the eye), a little bit musical theatre (big smiles and big energy, all projected outwards), a dash of classic Hollywood glamour, a touch of farce, and a spoonful of “Once upon a time”. All those elements are present here, set to a soaring score by Terry Davies, featuring themes from Danny Elfman’s original, which is played live, with gusto.” Evening Standard

“High marks, too, are due to regular Bourne collaborator Lez Brotherston for his terrifically atmospheric sets – the suburban bank of houses is just super – and to Terry Davies’s adroitly judged developments of Danny Elfman’s original, emotive score. Much like Bourne’s choreography, in fact, both sound and visuals manage to be at once modern and old-fashioned, playful and melancholic, and exactly right for this most sweetly stirring of family shows.” Daily Telegraph


  1. Creating a Boy
  2. Edward Explores
  3. Edward Meets the World
  4. Gossip
  5. Mad Mambo
  6. Meet the Boggs



Touring schedules

The show has now had more than 500 performances worldwide.


San Francisco Orchestra - Edward Scissorhands


Edward Scissorhands 3BENEDUM CENTER, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA January 12 - 14 2007


Edward Scissorhands US tourMami Tomtani, Matthew Bourne, Michela Meazza, Terry Davies

Photo by Steve Sanders
(US tour / Assistant conductor and keyboards)

Edward Scissorhands US tourUS touring musicians
Chris Eble, Mark O'Kain, Steve Sanders and Andrew Bryan with Richard Winsor.

Photo by Steve Sanders
(US tour / Assistant conductor and keyboards)

Photo by Steve Sanders
(US tour / Assistant conductor and keyboards)Edward Scissorhands US tour




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