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Indian Summers Indian Summers Conductor
Room On The Broom Room on the Broom Music Producer and Conductor
Henry V Henry V Conductor
The Gruffalo his Child The Gruffalo's Child Music Producer, Conductor and Orchestrator
Matthew Bournes Christmas Matthew Bourne's Christmas Composer
Accused Accused Conductor
Zen Zen Orchestrator
The Sinking of the Laconia The Sinking of the Laconia Conductor
 Christopher And His Kind Christopher And His Kind Music Director
Gruffalo The Gruffalo Music Producer, Conductor and Orchestrator
Red Riding Red Riding Trilogy Conductor
Diamonds Diamonds Conductor
Capturing Mary Capturing Mary Conductor
Joes Palace Joe's Palace Conductor
My Boy Jack My Boy Jack Conductor
Wild Down Under Jackanory Muddle Earth Orchestrator and Conductor
Wild Down Under Jackanory The Magician of Samarkand Orchestrator and Conductor
14 Up 2000 14 Up 2000 Conductor
Coup Coup! Conductor
Friends and Crocodiles Friends & Crocodiles Conductor
Gideons Daughter opens in a new window Gideon's Daughter Conductor
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Silk Stocking Conductor
Wild Down Under Perfect Strangers (2005) Conductor
Wild Down Under Sea of Souls Orchestrator and Conductor
Wild Down Under Peter Ackroyd's London conductor
Wild Down Under Wild Down Under Conductor
Byron Byron Music Director
The Lost Prince The Lost Prince Conductor
Tipping The Velvet Tipping the Velvet
(BAFTA nominee)
Original Songs and Conductor
Sinners  Sinners Conductor
TV Flesh and Blood Conductor
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries The Inspector Lynley Mysteries conductor
TV Dalziel & Pascoe: Episode - Men Sana conductor
The Car Man The Car Man

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Composer / Orchestrator / Music Producer
Shackleton Shackleton
Emmy winning score
BAFTA Award - Best Drama Serial
TV Crime and Punishment conductor
TV Sunday Conductor
TV Joined - The World of Siamese Twins Conductor
TV Perfect Strangers (2004)
BAFTA nominated score
The Mayor of Casterbridge The Mayor of Casterbridge Conductor
Super Human Super Human
Orchestrator and conductor
Jason and the Argonauts Jason and the Argonauts
Orchestrator and conductor
TV Turn of the Screw
(United Film and TV)
TV All the King's Men (BBC) Conductor
TV Rhinoceros (Granada) Conductor
TV Shooting the Past
(Talkback - winner Prix Italia, 1999)
TV Our Mutual Friend (BBC)
BAFTA nominated score
TV Deacon Brodie
(Tiger Aspect)
Orchestrator and conductor

Radio A Handful of Pleasant Delights
(BBC Radio 3)
Radio The Weekend Starts Here
(BBC Radio 4)

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