Next Door (Naboer)

Norwegian thriller

directed and produced by Pål Sletaune

Having just broken up, somewhat acrimoniously, with his long-term girlfriend, mild-mannered John lives alone in the apartment they formerly shared. His days are uneventful, though you sense a lingering misery over the end of his relationship; the world outside seems curiously blank and distant. But then, one day, he realises that next door live two highly attractive, intensely sexual young women (flatmates? sisters? lovers?), who tempt him into various kinds of transgression - a fantasy that quickly descends into nightmare... Reminiscent of Polanski's classic Repulsion, as well as some of the darker imaginings of David Lynch, this quietly horrifying thriller - from the director of Junk Mail (EIFF 2000) - is a genuinely frightening journey into the subconscious, which tightens the screws inexorably to its stunning climax.

Cinematpgraphy - John Andreas Andersen
Editing - John Andreas Andersen and Darek Hodor
Production Design - Jack van Domburg

Music - Simon Boswell
Orchestrator and Conductor - Terry Davies
Performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra in January 2005

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